Compliant fleets are safer & more efficient fleets

Ensuring your fleet is compliant to all DVSA requirements is key to keeping your vehicles on the road and not being fined. Missing a vehicle service or repair could not only put your drivers and other road users at risk, but also result in some of your fleet being grounded.

Features of Compliance Connect

  • Highlights upcoming services, inspections and MOT’s
  • Notifies you of maintenance schedules and bookings
  • Highlights any that have been missed or are critical
  • View by fleet and individual asset

It also shadows the DVSA’s ‘Earned Recognition’ scheme giving you control and complete visibility of your compliance status.

Compliance Connect works alongside the Driver Connect app which replaces the need for pen & paper driver walkaround checks.
It allows you to customise the checklist to suit your operation and its assets, creating more engagement from drivers.