TyreView Connect-Making Tyre fitting easy

An app for on-site tyre fitters in the UK

Make your tyre fitter’s lives easier by providing simple access to your fleet’s TPMS data.

• See nearby trailers with known TPMS-related issues using phone’s GPS
• See details about each sensor on the trailer, making isolating the problem easy
• Locally “tick” trailer as done so fitter does not accidentally re-visit it
• Once phone is located, the POI it is in is used to search for assets, so assets in neighbouring sites will not interfere
• Map view shows exactly where you and each trailer are on the site, no more driving around aimlessly
• Easily open directions to the trailer in phone’s default maps app with one tap
• Works in real-time and updates as fitter moves around

The fitter can see the trailers name, TPMS status (warning/critical), how far away it is from their location and when the trailer’s location was updated.

Available on both iOS and Android