TrailerMaster allows you to respond quickly and easily to operational challenges.
It not only reports on the status & location of your trailers, but also alerts you of any brake or tyre problems. This not only helps you remain compliant, it reduces downtime and provides protection for an operator against roadside prohibitions.

TrailerMaster incorporates the very latest Bluetooth Low Energy standard which remains active at all times, even when the trailer is uncoupled. As you walk around your parked trailers, the smartphone application will automatically show which of your trailers are in range and allow you to open up a direct connection even if you have no mobile phone signal on your phone. Info can be viewed online via the desktop portal, or on your smartphone using the app.

TrailerMaster key features


Reduces the burden associated with frequent laden Roller Brake Testing.
EBPMS or Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System provides dynamic, live monitoring of your trailer’s braking performance. Stay compliant, reduce downtime, and replace laden roller brake testing with EBPMS.
We developed Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS®) in response to specific guidelines introduced by the DVSA in 2014.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can save you thousands of pounds in fuel and breakdown costs.
As an investment in your trailer fleet, effective tyre pressure monitoring delivers year on year savings, as well as improved efficiency and safety.
Correctly inflated tyres makes them more economical when in use and are better for the environment.

DTC Monitoring

TrailerMaster will tell you the problems your EBS valve is reporting along with detailed explanations and manufacturer recommendations to resolve the problem.
Save on engineer callouts for non-critical issues. Remotely clear DTCs (Knorr-Bremse only) with a single click directly from the web portal.

Bogie Load Monitoring

TrailerMaster is capable of calculating the bogie load of your trailer.

  • Identify trailers loaded and parked for long periods
  • Identify trailers that are travelling empty for too many journeys
  • Be alerted when trailers are overloaded
  • Optimise your fleet to maximise load to mile ratio
  • Coupled and uncoupled options available

Trailer Tracking

Instantly understand where all of your trailers are on our feature rich map. See what’s available in a given location with its current bogie weight.
Geofencing places virtual markers to record when a trailer arrives or leaves a specific point of interest, such as a depot or customers premises. Automated email notifications can alert the transport team of the trailers arrival or departure, or the maintenance team if the trailer has a defect.
Proactively manage your trailer fleet & never lose a trailer again. Monitor utilisation to ensure you are maximising productivity from your fleet.