Stay compliant, reduce downtime, and replace laden roller brake testing with EBPMS.

Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System provides dynamic, live monitoring of your trailer’s braking performance and has been included in the DVSA’s Guide to Roadworthiness, which was written in association with Axscend.

How does EBPMS work?

It monitors and records every brake event as is happens. This data is adjusted to account for variables such as road angle and bogie weight.
The resulting data is plotted in an easy to read graph against the DVSA pass mark.
You can run a report in less than a minute, and all TrailMaster EBPMS reports are fully compliant with the DVSA Guide to Roadworthiness.

Read what these fleet operators who are using EBPMS have to say

EBPMS savings calculator

EBPMS Savings Calculator

Our EBPMS Savings Calculator is intended to provide a guide only. Given the results can be affected by a number of factors, reliance on the information and results is at the user’s sole risk and neither accuracy nor savings/return on investment is guaranteed.

Our calculations are based on the assumption that operators are completing Laden Roller Brake Tests in accordance with the DVSA Guide to Roadworthiness.

We also assume tests are completed out of hours, therefore no VOR related costs.

EBPMS Savings Calculator
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