What is it?

Simply put – the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is a voluntary scheme that asks you to record certain vehicle performance information (vehicle maintenance & driver hours) in line with KPIs on an ongoing basis.

In return, the DVSA will perform fewer unscheduled roadside stops & you will receive official recognition for being part of the scheme. The scheme, which is free to apply for, is for operations of all sizes and frees up the DVSA to concentrate on those operators who are not proactively demonstrating high standards.

To participate in the scheme, you will need a DVSA approved IT system, which monitors vehicle maintenance, which is where we come in.

Earned Recognition Dashboard

Through our bespoke Earned Recognition dashboard, we provide you with a simple yet sophisticated overview of the KPIs set out by the DVSA and how you are performing against them. Based on a simple traffic light system, our dashboard allows you to quickly analyse and drill down into where KPI violations are occurring with our CSV Export function.


Simplicity guaranteed: our system will send all of your results to the DVSA for you in their required format.

Real-Time Tracking

All of your data is available on a 24/7 basis and automatically monitors and measures your compliance data vs KPIs.


Set alert reminders to ensure all relevant individuals are up to date with key dates & events.

As outlined by the DVSA, as an Earned Recognition Operator, you will:

• Be an exemplary operator, and be able to prove this when you bid for contracts

• Be less likely to have your vehicles stopped at the roadside for inspections

• Be less likely to have DVSA enforcement staff visit your premises

• Be able to use the DVSA earned recognition logo on your website and other publicity materials (but not on your vehicles)

• Be recognised as a DVSA-accredited operator on GOV.UK

• Have direct access to a dedicated earned recognition team in the DVSA

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