DriverConnect IQ walkaround app

Drivers of large lorries/trailers are responsible for making sure their vehicle is safe to drive. In order to do this you must carry out a walkaround check of the vehicle before your journey commences. Any issues or problems found then need to be reported to the fleet manager in your organisation to sort out.

The police and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) officers can stop you to do checks on your vehicles. You can be stopped from driving until you fix any problems they find, or they can issue you with a fine.

The DriverConnect IQ app details everything that needs to be checked and reports any faults to all necessary parties to get fixed. The app works in real time and ensures nothing is overlooked or missed. With fully customisable checklists specific to your operation and your vehicles, your drivers will be engaged from the outset by completing meaningful asset checks.  
This app works in conjunction with TrailerMaster.

Driver Connect walkaround app