”The Axscend TrailerMaster portal is really easy to navigate. Providing us with real-time tracking information and Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring means we always know where our trailers are, and we have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of the trailers brakes. It also means we are saving time & money by not having to roller brake test all our trailers yet still remain compliant with DVSA.

After an initial trial we also opted for Tyre Pressure Monitoring sensors, this has proven to be very cost effective.
The system alerted us to a sudden loss of pressure and upon inspection we found sidewall damage that we just wouldn’t have picked up previously. This would have resulted in a roadside blow-out and been very costly, as it was we replaced the tyre and the trailer was back in use.

The team at Axscend have been great to work with, In particular Duncan Ryan (Engineer) is a great lad and really helpful, he worked with us to get all the trailers fitted and made sure we knew how everything worked. I’m really pleased with our investment in the TrailerMaster system so far.”

Matt Smith Director Coastal Global Services Ltd