Get the recognition your fleet operation deserves

Compliance, safety and efficiency, key focus areas for transport operators. So how can Axscend and the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme help with all three?

The DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is a way for vehicle operators to prove they meet driver and vehicle standards.

How does it work?

You need to have a DVSA-validated IT platform which monitors whether you are meeting a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). Every 4 weeks, your system will tell the DVSA if you have missed any of the KPIs. If this happens, the DVSA will work with you to help fix any problems.

What are the benefits?

There’s no application fee to join the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme but so many benefits.

  • Be seen as an exemplary operator, and be able to prove this when you bid for new contracts.
  • Your fleet will be viewed by the DVSA as one which values vehicle compliance and road safety.
  • Much fewer roadside inspections which will reduce costly ‘downtime’ and improve productivity. A roadside stop without complications can take up to 45 minutes, & every second counts when it comes to business-critical schedules.
  • Routine inspection visits from the DVSA to check on your performance will be less likely.
  • Able to use the DVSA earned recognition logo on your website and other publicity materials which makes you stand out as an exemplary operator.
  • Be recognised as a DVSA-accredited operator on GOV.UK .
  • Have direct access to a dedicated Earned Recognition team at the DVSA.

Through the Axscend bespoke Earned Recognition dashboard, we provide you with a simple yet sophisticated overview of the KPIs set out by the DVSA and how you are performing against them. The dashboard allows you to quickly analyse and drill down into where KPI violations are occurring, allowing you to correct and get compliance & safety back on track quickly.

Contact us for more information or a demo of our platform and how it can help your fleet operation.

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