HVO for HGV’S-a greener drive

As greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions disclosure becomes obligatory for transport operators in the UK and worldwide, and sustainability performance being a key criteria when tendering, renewable fuels are emerging as a great alternative to diesel.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) offers many benefits to road haulage companies, making it an attractive choice for powering their commercial fleets.

Reduced CO2 emissions

HVO provides an immediate reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to conventional diesel. This is a crucial advantage for road haulage companies seeking to lower their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Seamless integration

HVO is a drop-in diesel alternative, which means it can be used in existing diesel engines without the need for any modifications to the engine infrastructure or machinery. This ensures a smooth transition to a cleaner fuel source without incurring additional costs for fleet upgrades.

Environmental compliance

As HVO meets EN15940 standards, it aligns with regulatory requirements and environmental targets set by governments and organisations. Road haulage companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility by adopting a fuel that adheres to these standards.

Renewable and sustainable sourcing

HVO is manufactured from 100% renewable and sustainable waste materials, such as vegetable oils and fats. By utilising these waste resources, road haulage companies can contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promote a circular economy.

Fossil-free fuel

Being free from fossil fuels and FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), HVO ensures cleaner combustion and helps to minimise harmful pollutants, such as sulphur and particulate matter. This improves air quality and can lead to a healthier working environment for drivers and surrounding communities.

Long shelf life

HVO’s use of hydrogen as a catalyst enhances its stability and shelf life compared to traditional biodiesels, which can degrade over time. This ensures that the fuel remains viable and reliable during storage and transportation.


As the world moves towards stricter emissions regulations and environmental standards, road haulage companies that adopt HVO position themselves as forward-thinking and responsible businesses, prepared for evolving industry demands.

In conclusion

HVO’s benefits of reduced CO2 emissions, seamless integration, environmental compliance, renewable sourcing, and improved air quality make it a compelling choice for road haulage companies looking to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

Royal Mail are transitioning to HVO at some of their sites. Read more here.