Safety First

Data from the Department for Transport reveals that defective brakes contributed to a total of 3,894 accidents in the five years from 2013 to 2018. Unfortunately, when faulty brakes are not identified early enough, the results could be incidents like these that hit the headlines in recent years.

Whilst brakes are tested at inspections, most fleet operators wouldn’t know if any of their assets had defective brakes until a check had been done, or the brakes had failed, which is too late!
EBPMS (electronic brake performance monitoring system) by Axscend monitors and records every brake event as it happens alerting operators of any issues in the performance of the brakes. It captures the braking performance data from a trailers EBS and gives it a ‘braking performance value’ which equates to a ‘pass or fail’. This data is adjusted to account for variables such as road angle and bogie weight & is shown in an easy to read graph against the DVSA pass mark.

EBPMS brake performance reports are produced and can be viewed on the TrailerMaster web portal or app at any time. Used as part of a trailers’ service inspection record, these reports are evidence of a trailers brake performance and help to ensure fleet operators remain compliant, and drivers are safe.

EBPMS has been included in the DVSA’s Guide to Roadworthiness.