The Intelligent Solution for Smart Trailer Management

HGV trailer with TrailerMaster logo in front of it

With rising costs, competitive pressure, regulatory compliance and environmental targets to contend with, digitalisation is a key factor for the road transport industry.

TrailerMaster provides real-time digital vehicle data on all of your trailer fleet.

More Transparency: Monitor the location, load weight, tyre pressures and condition of brakes at any time from the web portal or phone app.

More safety: TrailerMaster alerts you of dangerous overloading, unauthorised access, brake or tyre problems and vehicle malfunctions, helping prevent accidents and breakdowns.

Efficiency and productivity: Thanks to the real-time overview TrailerMaster gives, fleet operators are able to react quickly to any issues in their fleet. This prevents expensive breakdowns and vehicle downtime. Identifying expensive empty journeys, TrailerMaster makes resource planning and vehicle utilisation much easier.

Carbon emissions: The optimised vehicle utilisation and constant monitoring of tyre pressures significantly reduces fuel consumption. Not only does this save money for road transport operators, it reduces their carbon emissions considerably.

The TrailerMaster web portal and mobile app have simple user interfaces and clear dashboards which are easy to use.

TrailerMaster portal and phone app

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