3 reasons why EBPMS helps trailer fleets

If you need reasons to use EBPMS on the trailers in your fleet, here are just three:

EBPMS allows fleet operators to produce a brake performance report when required. When shown as part of a trailer’s service inspection record it can be used as evidence of the braking performance of the trailer which helps ensure operators remain compliant.

EBPMS saves operators both time and money. The time taken to take the trailer to be tested, fully laden, the test itself and return of the trailer results in a lot of downtime. The cost of the test itself four times a year, plus the loss of income whilst the trailer is off the road can be expensive, especially when you multiply by the number of trailers in a fleet.

EBPMS improves safety for drivers and other road users. Because brakes are being remotely monitored 24/7, email alerts notify users as soon as a problem is identified. This allows operators to take action to remedy the issue sooner rather than later.

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