The cost of non-compliance

Ensuring fleet safety and compliance are key areas of focus for transport operators. But whilst they have a legal duty to keep their drivers safe and their fleet assets compliant, it also makes financial sense too.

Apart from the obvious costs of repair bills and insurance excess, when a company fleet vehicle is involved in an accident there are other cost implications:

  • Loss of drivers due to personal injury
  • Loss of business
  • Loss of reputation
  • Cost of hiring replacement vehicles whilst damaged ones are off the road
  • Risk of losing operator licence if not compliant

How technology can help HGV fleets with safety & compliance

Improvements in telematics technology in recent years means that transport operators and fleet managers now have access to all their fleet data in one easy to use system or app.

Using technology that provides real-time information 24/7 on the health and status of all vehicles in a fleet enables transport operators to pro-actively manage their fleet in a safer, more compliant and efficient way.

From a driver’s vehicle pre-check being done on an app, to knowing about potential problems with tyres and brakes, services & MOT’s due, and the location and load weights of assets on the road. Telematics will continue to help simplify the task of fleet management whilst improving safety, efficiency and compliance.

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