Daily walkaround checks matter

Walkaround check using DriverConnect IQ app

In the UK, HGV drivers are legally required to do a walkaround vehicle check before getting on the road each day. And whilst walkarounds aren’t mandatory in the EU, HGVs that are EU-registered but operate in the UK must also do them daily, regardless of where the vehicle is registered.

Daily vehicle checks can have such a positive impact on the compliance, safety and efficiency of your fleet. Read on to find out why.


The police and DVSA officers can stop you to do checks on your vehicles. You can be stopped from driving until you fix any problems they find, or they can issue you with a fine. Daily walkaround checks will help prevent this and ensure vehicles are compliant when being driven.


According to this report by the European parliament, vehicles with technical faults account for 5% of road accidents, and 4% are due to poor maintenance. One of the most reported defects is brake failure, and when you consider the size of HGV’s it’s not surprising that many technical faults are a cause of fatal accidents.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner say it’s estimated that 85% of roadworthy infringements could be avoided if the driver had performed a walkaround check before beginning a journey.

When done correctly, daily vehicle inspections help prevent serious road accidents as drivers will check specific things such as brakes and tyres and report any defects immediately so they can be addressed.


Fleet and transport managers understand that keeping vehicles on the road is a must. Whilst scheduled maintenance is unavoidable, you can steer clear of any unexpected downtime by ensuring daily walkaround checks are always completed.

Drivers who check their vehicles daily play a role in preventative maintenance, since reporting defects assures you can address issues as soon as they arise. Preventing breakdowns is essential for productivity and customer satisfaction. Delays can mean financial and reputational consequences for transport operators.

A well-maintained fleet increases uptime and improves service levels for customers which is a win for any business.

This survey reveals that more than 50% of the HGV drivers asked did not complete a daily walkaround check.
Simplifying the daily walkaround checks will encourage drivers do complete checks.
The DriverConnect IQ app details everything that needs to be checked and reports any faults to all necessary parties to get fixed. The app works in real time and ensures nothing is overlooked or missed. With fully customisable checklists specific to your operation and your vehicles, your drivers will be engaged from the outset by completing meaningful asset checks.  Reports are filed digitally which means you have instant access to them if asked to show evidence of checks and roadworthiness. DriverConnect works in conjunction with TrailerMaster.