Telematics-Fact v Fiction

With the ever-increasing growth in online shopping driving demands from supply chains, and the government’s commitment to reduce emissions, the demand for fleet telematic solutions is set to soar.
In recent years fleet telematics technology has advanced leaps and bounds since its early days of just location tracking. Yet despite the vast number of road transport operators benefitting from a fleet telematics solution there is still a lot of misconceptions about them.

So, time to sort the fact from the fiction.

Fiction-Fleet telematics are expensive

Fact-When assessing the cost of a fleet management system it is important to think about what it can bring to the business which includes:

  • Improved safety
  • Aid to compliance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced downtime and the associated costs
  • Reduced fuel usage

With low rental and purchase options available, fleet telematics is an affordable essential every transport operator can have.

Fiction-The technology is difficult to understand

Fact-The only thing you need to understand is the information the system gives you which includes:

  • The location of every asset in your fleet
  • The assets that have problems such as low tyre pressures, faulty brakes etc
  • Which assets are due a service or inspection, and those that are overdue
  • Which assets are idle
  • The assets which are overloaded

Dashboards are very simple and user-friendly and can be viewed on a desktop or mobile phone app. Training is given to all users following installation of the DCU on your fleet’s assets.

Fiction-A fleet management system is only for large fleet operations

Fact-This is not the case. Small fleet owners may think they can manually manage their fleet, but this usually impacts their productivity, which ultimately affects their revenue. If small fleet owners want to expand their business it is important to invest in a good fleet management solution, doing things manually takes a lot of time and affects the productivity and efficiency of the business.

Fiction-All fleet telematics systems are the same

Fact-They may look similar, but fleet telematics systems are not all the same. When looking for a fleet telematics solution you should consider:

  • Ease of use-Accessing and viewing the information on your assets should be quick and simple to do. Your telematics provider should offer training to everyone who will be using the system. You should be able to view your fleet information on a smartphone or desktop.
  • One system, complete view-Choose a system that gives you a complete view of everything you need to know such as tyres, brakes, lighting, bogie-weight, location etc.
  • After-care-Choose a company who offers training and support when needed.
  • Warranty-Check the company offers a good product warranty.

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