Downtime costs

Whilst there will be times when vehicles must be off the road for service, inspections etc, any asset that is out of commission will cost a transport operator money. Unscheduled issues that result in expensive breakdown, callout and repair costs are something they will want to avoid at all costs.

So, what can be done to prevent this?

Use of the right fleet management system. TrailerMaster encompasses many features to help prevent breakdowns and accidents, and plan servicing and inspection schedules.

EBPMS – Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring

EBPMS monitors and records every brake event as is happens. This data is adjusted to account for variables such as road angle and bogie weight. The resulting data is plotted in an easy-to-read graph against the DVSA pass mark. Alerts and notifications are sent advising operators of any trailers with underperforming brakes. This ensures the most appropriate actions can be taken to correct and resolve any brake issues, ensuring safety and compliance.
EBPMS brake performance reports are produced and can be viewed on the TrailerMaster web portal or app at any time. Used as part of a trailers’ service inspection record, these reports are evidence of a trailers brake performance and help to ensure fleet operators remain compliant, and drivers are safe.

TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS sensors by Axscend check tyre pressure and temperature every few seconds while the trailer is in use. Adjustable alert levels mean that a clear warning is given for any divergence from the optimum pressures. Alerts and notifications are sent advising operators of any trailers with tyre pressure issues.

Compliance Connect

This feature highlights upcoming services, inspections and MOT’s. Whilst it notifies you of maintenance schedules and bookings, it also highlights any overdue service or repairs.
Compliance Connect works alongside the Driver Connect app which replaces the need for pen & paper driver walkaround checks. It allows you to customise the checklist to suit your operation and its assets, creating more engagement from drivers.

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