EBPMS or RBT-Which would you choose?

For fleet operators, ensuring the brakes on all their assets are well maintained is critical to maintaining safety and compliance. For many years, the method used by the transport industry to check this has been roller brake testing. Although a necessary test, the time, cost and practicalities of getting a whole fleet roller brake tested several times a year has caused operators a great deal of stress, time and money, but there is a better option.

EBPMS by Axscend gives operators complete visibility of their fleets brake status and performance. Connecting to a trailer’s EBS (electronic braking system) the brake performance data is fed through to the TrailerMaster portal and colour coded. Green indicates all is ok, amber means something needs looking at, and red is critical and must be dealt with immediately. The resulting data is plotted in an easy-to-read graph against the DVSA pass mark. Reports for the DVSA are available and easily accessed from the web portal or app.

EBPMS has been included in the DVSA’s Guide to Roadworthiness and is helping fleets all over the UK dynamically monitor their trailers brake performance and reduce their need for roller brake testing to just once a year at the annual MOT.

Which would you choose?

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