Rising fuel costs-Don’t feel under pressure

The cost of diesel continues to rise at a fast rate. From £1.49 per litre in Jan this year, to £1.91 as of 15th June 2022, the 128% increase is putting transport operators under great pressure financially. Add to that the environmental recommends being made in order to reduce carbon emissions and it’s clear to see the road haulage/transport sector needs some help.
One way to tackle the issue of reducing fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions is TPMS. It’s a well-publicised fact that driving with low tyre pressure increases fuel usage and reduces the lifespan of tyres, and with that comes increased costs and carbon emissions.

£££ The report below shows how much fuel a customer wasted due to low pressure in the tyres on their fleet. This equates to more than £2,300 a month-£30k per year!

TPMS by Axscend uses sensors to continually monitor the tyre pressures of the assets in your fleet and sends alerts if the pressure in any trailer tyre drops below a pre-defined threshold. When it shows green tyres are OK, amber indicates there’s an issue to check, and red which is critical and requires immediate attention. Being aware of tyre pressure problems before they become serious allows you to take action quickly before it results in downtime, risks the safety of the driver and other road users, or costs you a fortune.
TPMS can save you thousands of pounds in fuel and breakdown costs. As an investment in your trailer fleet, effective tyre pressure monitoring delivers year on year savings, as well as improved efficiency and safety.

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