TPMS-Helping fleet operators reduce fuel costs

UK fuel prices are still rocketing with the price of diesel sitting at £1.80 per litre. For the haulage and transportation industry, costs like this are just another issue to deal with. With safety, compliance and efficiency already a priority, finding ways to save money without compromising these is now something they will need to look at.

Whilst there are many factors that affect miles per gallon, under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption considerably. Testing done by Michelin showed that a tyre under-inflated by 20% will wear out 20% faster meaning the cost and frequency of tyre replacement increases.

Tyre pressure is one of the factors that affects fuel consumption. A perfectly inflated tyre will distribute the vehicle’s weight efficiently, ensuring even wear across the whole tyre. An underinflated tyre will sag at each side, causing the rolling resistance to be increased. Because more energy is required to overcome the rolling resistance, more fuel is used.

Early warning of drops in tyre pressure from TPMS by Axscend means preventative tyre maintenance action can be taken before any permanent damage is caused to the tyre, wasteful down time is greatly reduced and excess use of fuel is prevented.

Estimates vary, but tyres with low pressure could be increasing your fuel consumption from anywhere between 3% and 10%.

TPMS from Axscend

  • Reduces breakdowns
  • Prevents blowouts and fires
  • Reduces fuel usage saving you money
  • Reduces your fleets CO2 emissions
  • Saves you hours of time spent on roadside checks, repairs & breakdowns

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