Uncoupled trailers don’t have to mean unseen

Bogie load monitoring is key for fleet operators who want to be compliant and efficient. But whilst being alerted when trailers are overloaded, and being able to identify trailers travelling empty for too many journeys is great, what happens when a trailer is uncoupled?

TrailerMaster by Axscend monitors the bogie load of both coupled and uncoupled trailers. Operators are able to track the vehicle and see when it was loaded and how long it was idle for. The real-time information on trailer weight ensures you remain compliant on payload. Being able to monitor uncoupled trailers means you can identify parked loaded / unloaded trailers and do not have to waste time hunting the yard for an empty one.

For more information visit https://axscend.com/trailermaster-connect/ Or book a demo- https://axscend.com/book-a-demo/