What are the benefits of Earned Recognition?

As an approved IT Systems Provider, we are regularly asked questions such as, ‘what is Earned Recognition?’, ‘what are the benefits of Earned Recognition?’ and, ‘what do I need to do to get onto the Earned Recognition scheme?’.

The DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is a voluntary scheme that asks you, as the operator, to record certain KPIs on an ongoing basis. The scheme is free to apply for and is for operations of all sizes. The DVSA is currently consulting with the industry on plans to make maintenance KPI returns ‘fully electronic’ from 1st April 2022. The KPIs are sent to the DVSA on an ongoing basis using our system.

What are the benefits of the Earned Recognition Scheme?

  • According to the DVSA, your drivers are less likely to be stopped at the roadside, saving you valuable time and minimal distribution to your business critical schedule (the average roadside stop is around 45 mins!)
  • Having regular checks and automatic reports will result in less need for DVSA on site inspections.
  • You’ll have peace of mind in terms of safety & legality knowing that you’re carrying out regular vehicle and driver safety checks.
  • You will become a DVSA-approved operator on GOV.UK which adds weight when going for any future tenders.
  • Regular checks will result in DVSA enforcement staff being less likely to visit your premises.

Shadow the scheme

If you are using our maintenance platform already, then you can trial the recognition scheme using our system free of charge. If you would like to trial the system but are not yet using our maintenance platform, then please get in touch.

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