Essential users rebate on fuel prices

It would appear the 5p per litre fuel duty cut announced last Wed is not making much difference with the average price of diesel having increased nearly 50p per litre more in less than a year.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak was asked a question about essential user rebates, sent in by Rob Hollyman from Youngs Transportation but is echoed by all the road haulage industry. The rebate which has been applied in other European countries to help with the quickly increasing fuel costs, is to reduce the tax on fuel for haulage companies by 15p per litre.

Another way to reduce the cost of your fleets fuel spend is TPMS which offers continuous monitoring of your tyre pressures. Low tyre pressure increases the rolling resistance of tyres and therefore the vehicle’s fuel consumption as they need to work harder. Under-inflation by 21.7 psi  means an extra 1% of fuel is consumed. Multiply this by the cost per litre and the number of assets in your fleet and the calculations are very costly.

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