A greener route for road haulage

Approximately 20-35% of a trucks fuel consumption is down to the rolling resistance of its tyres. If the rolling resistance is kept as low as possible fleet operators can reduce the amount of fuel used which has a positive impact on their co2 emissions.

So how does tyre pressure affect this?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is essential to retaining the rolling resistance of the vehicles in your fleet. Fuel usage is greatly increased when lorries are driven with under-inflated tyres. Add to this the fact that the tyre will wear down a lot quicker which means tyres become inefficient to run and will need to be replaced earlier than expected.

Checking the tyre pressures of a whole fleet of assets may sound daunting and time consuming, but there is a simple way of monitoring this.
TPMS by Axscend allows you to view the tyre status of all your TPMS sensor-equipped vehicles & check the tyre pressure in real-time.. Those identified with a problem are colour-coded to indicate the severity. Notifications are sent allowing you to fix issues before they lead to costly repairs and downtime.

TPMS by Axscend provides 24/7 real-time visibility of the condition of every tyre in your fleet. Detecting problems before the issue can build, TPMS enables timely safe maintenance, reducing fuel usage and cost, reducing risk and downtime, and reducing your fleets co2 emissions.

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