Money Talks

Money talks when it comes to business, and definitely after the impact Covid has had on industry in the last 2 years. So when significant savings can be made whilst improving safety and compliance at the same time, fleet operators should really take a look.

The Government website states you should get your HGV or trailer’s brakes tested by a roller brake tester (RBT) at least 4 times per year, including at the MOT.

EBPMS (Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring) by Axscend removes the need and cost of frequent roller blade testing as it monitors the braking systems of a fleet of trailers and sends alerts when brakes are under performing. The system captures the braking performance from a trailer’s electronic braking system and the score presents either a ‘Pass or Fail’ on the Trailermaster platform. The platform produces and stores ‘Braking Performance Reports’ as part of a trailer’s service inspection record. This can serve as evidence of the braking performance of the trailer and help ensure fleet operators remain compliant.

When you calculate the savings made from the reduction of roller brake tests, the reduction in trailer downtime and associated costs, not to mention increased safety and compliance, why would you not use EBPMS?

Use the calculator on our EBPMS page to estimate the savings you could make.

For more info on EBPMS by Axscend message us or call 01303 842100.