Telematics of the future-Today

The fleet management technology of today has a lot more to offer than just location information.
GPS technology paired with telematics gives fleet operators an easy way of tracking and monitoring their assets. The data collected can help improve safety, ensure compliance, while saving time and money.

Fleet management helps businesses stay on top of regular maintenance reducing the risk of breakdowns or accidents. Delays and downtime impact negatively on driver productivity increasing operational costs. Fleet management technology can track downtime and driving patterns including:

  • Monitored bogie weights of fleets improves fleet efficiency
  • Driving with incorrect tyre pressures is unsafe, increases fuel usage and can lead to fines. TPMS alerts you of any tyre problems so you can prevent downtime and costs. This will also extend the life of the tyres and decrease fuel usage
  • EBPMS monitors and records every brake event as is happens and removes the need for frequent roller brake testing to just once a year

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